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Introduction to Flex Boots™

Learn how the innovative Flex Boots™ are transforming the lives of horses and ponies around the world. This free webinar is a comprehensive introduction to the Flex Boots™ brand and products, including educational insight into proper sizing and fitting.

The presentation is delivered by the team behind the brand, giving you access to the expertise that has made these boots the fastest growing hoof boot brand in the world. Horse owners, hoof care providers, and those interested in becoming retailers should attend.

Flex Boots™ is a Finnish hoof boot brand, created by husband and wife team Jiri and Satu Vainikka, whose vast experience as barefoot trimmers and trimming educators enabled them to design a hoof boot that prioritizes the horse’s welfare.

The company ethos is to use hoof boots as part of holistic hoof care that incorporates species-specific living and management, appropriate diet and anatomically correct trimming. Flex Boots™ products include FlexPony boots for ponies and FlexHorse boots for horses, both in standard and wide fits. They come with a large selection of color options for the boot parts, and there are also limited edition colored boots. So not only are Flex Boots™ products highly functional, they can also be fun!