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Essential Oils for Horses

Join Yvonne Litza for this free webinar to discuss the safe and effective use of essential oils with horses.

Essential oils can be a wonderful addition to the care regimen for horses, offering a natural way to support them physically and mentally. In this modern era, there is a growing trend towards holistic health practices, and essential oils are at the forefront of this movement. People are increasingly seeking natural alternatives to support their well-being and the wellness of their horses. Essential oils can be a safe, effective and natural solution for many needs in the home and the barn. Most people have heard of essential oils but with the amount of information and disinformation available they are left unsure when and how to use them. What methods of applications are best for use with horses? What recipes should be used when getting started?

In this webinar, we will look at what essential oils are and are not. We will discuss the types of essential oils available on the market and what oils are best suited for using around the barn; the essential oils that can be used topically and/or internally to support the various systems; and we will dive into a bit of the science and research on the effectiveness of essential oils and what this means for those of us caring for our horses. This webinar will help anyone who genuinely wants to do what is best for their clients and their equine friends.

Yvonne Litza has been working with horses for over 30 years, and has spent the last 15+ years dedicated to helping and caring for horses holistically and naturally. Yvonne was introduced to essential oils in 2001 and became intrigued by the success stories from both people and animals. She had spent several years on the Chicago TB racetracks as a Vet Tech, so being a bit skeptical, she started looking into the science behind how these natural compounds worked within the body.

As she used essential oils and worked with more and more animals over the years, she has become an advocate for replacing as many toxins from the barn and home with simple, cost saving and effective essential oils to increase our animals natural ability to heal and to be healthy.