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Utilizing Hoof Imaging in your Trimming Decisions

The focus of this webinar is on taking images of the hoof (radiographs and photographs) and what we can learn about the hoof conformation by taking measurements.

Monique will discuss what makes a good radiograph and how that depends on the technique used and other factors. What can be seen in before and after radiographs on the day of trimming, and other factors to keep in mind.

Trimmers and farriers often discuss sole thickness, hoof angles, alignment of the phalanges, and many more measurements, as well as percentages and ratios between values. But most of this discussion occurs without regard to important details, such as how the image was taken, calibration, etc.

Monique Craig has a degree in computer science engineering with a minor in mathematics and physics. She was aiming at a PhD in computational linguistics at Stanford, when she purchased her Holsteiner stallion – Smirnoff. His chronic hoof problems made her take a very different direction in her career. She became a professional farrier and concurrently developed the software Metron with her husband John Craig. A few years later she invented the EponaShoe. Monique has spent many years researching, trimming and shoeing the hoof, as well as riding and training. Her research has been presented at several veterinary and farrier conferences and in various publications. She recently published a book: ‘A Modern Look at… The Hoof’. She gives lectures in the US and internationally. She has been a visiting scholar at CalPoly San Luis Obispo for the past 17 years where she lectures in a biomechanics course for pre-veterinarian students.