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Beginning Clinic in Tennessee

This three day clinic fulfills the beginning clinic requirement for PHCP students.

Days 1 and 2 will cover anatomy and trimming
Day 3 will cover pathology, hoof protection and shoe removal

Some of the topics covered

  • Basic distal limb anatomy
  • Exploration of anatomy through cadaver trimming and dissection

  • Shoe removal for ease and comfort to both horse and trimmer
  • Transitioning to barefoot
  • Alternative forms of hoof protection
  • Fit and use of a variety of hoof boots, based on performance, rehab or rider needs*
  • How and when to use hoof casting
  • Which padding options to utilize for various pathologies and rehab needs
  • Casting and booting on live horses

*Glue on protection is not included in this clinic


Read through the PHCP Introduction to Equine Diet and Lifestyle.

Study the PHCP Introduction to Equine Hoof Anatomy.

Visit Anatomy of the Equine and purchase the Apps or Ebooks. Spend time on this web site and get familiar with the distal limb anatomy before you attend the clinic.

What to bring

Most of this clinic will take place in a heated shop. A small portion of the time will be in the barn working with live horses, so please dress appropriately. Bring a chair or let me know if you need one. Bring your trimming tools if you are able, an apron or towel for your lap, gloves and safety glasses.

If you have a cadaver leg of your own you would like to dissect with us please let us know and bring it along.

There will be a one hour lunch break. You may bring your own lunch to eat on location or there is a dinner 3 miles down the road.


I highly recommend staying in downtown Bristol for the best food and entertainment options. However, there is a B&B big enough for people to share across the fence from my farm (walking distance to my shop). There are also cheaper hotel options 20 minutes away with food close by. Three options on West State Street, Bristol, TN and two options on Linden Drive, Bristol, VA.


People should consider flying into TRI airport and be prepared to rent a car. We are in the country so Uber will be expensive or unrealistic.

Start time is 9:00am each day and we’ll finish up between 4:00 and 5:00pm.

Lorie Fleenor  As an 8th generation farmer, knowledge of animal welfare has always been a priority for me. Whole horse hoof care has been a passion of mine since I first learned to trim in 2007. I continue to educate myself so that I can better help people and horses find a pathway to health and happy trails. I host multiple clinics for riding and hoof care each year, and am very active in our local horse community. My husband and two children help me on the farm where we run a 265 head cattle operation, board and care for 75 horses, teach riding, and offer training services. I serve clients in Southwest VA and Northeast TN. I am thrilled to be a Mentor with PHCP. We have a huge variety of horses, hooves, and pathologies on our farm. The horses live out 24/7 in herds on hilly pastures, so it’s fun to watch rehab and healthy hooves happen as new horses come in! As we all know, Diet/Exercise/Trim go hand in hand! 

Lorie can be contacted at Magna Vista Farm in Bristol, TN.

This event is approved for 21 CE credits with the IAPF.