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Beginning Clinic in Colorado

This three day clinic fulfills the beginning clinic requirement for PHCP students.

Days 1 and 2 will cover anatomy and trimming.
Day 3 will cover hoof protection and shoe removal.

Some of the topics covered

  • Basic distal limb anatomy
  • Exploration of anatomy through cadaver trimming and dissection
  • Trimming with power tools and grinder safety

  • Shoe removal for ease and comfort to both horse and trimmer
  • Transitioning to barefoot
  • Alternative forms of hoof protection
  • Fit and use of a wide variety of boots including EasyCare, Scoot Boots, Renegades, Soft Rides, Cavallo, Equine Fusion and more, based on performance, rehab or rider needs*
  • How and when to use hoof casting
  • Which padding options to utilize for various pathologies and rehab needs
  • How to perform modifications and repairs to hoof boots
  • Casting and booting on live horses

*Glue on protection is not included in this clinic


Read through the PHCP Introduction to Equine Diet and Lifestyle.

Study the PHCP Introduction to Equine Hoof Anatomy.

Visit Anatomy of the Equine and purchase the Apps or Ebooks. Spend time on this web site and get familiar with the distal limb anatomy before you attend the clinic.

What to bring

If possible, students should bring their own tools (gloves, apron, nippers, rasp, knife, hoof pick, shoe pullers, and stand) but we will have some to share.

If you have a cadaver leg of your own you would like to dissect with us please let us know and bring it along. Cadaver legs are getting harder to come by and can be quite expensive.  If you have access to some we would be grateful.

Please bring your own lunch to eat on location. There are plenty of places to pick up prepared food in the area ahead of time. We will take an hour lunch break from 12-1 PM.


Erie is a small town and conveniently located just north of Denver, south east of Longmont, north of Lafayette, and east of Boulder.  The clinic is located just north of Erie. Depending on your preferences and budget, there are many options for hotels or AirBnB’s (Longmont, Lafayette, Boulder) as well as grocery shopping, and restaurants. Some students have found really nice places to stay using Airbnb. If you have questions about an accommodation, please let us know.


Denver International Airport is about a 30-40 minute drive whether via I-70/I-25 or the toll road. Use google maps for directions. Apple Maps won’t quite get you there.

It is often cheaper to rent a car than to use Uber or Lyft. I encourage folks to coordinate with other clinic attendees for car rentals and hotels if you’d like to save on money. If you would like to explore this option, text me at 858-882-7209 and I will help put you in touch with other attendees who are also interested in sharing.  For parking at the clinic, there is enough parking in the back of the property. Closer to the clinic date, I will email maps, the weather forecast, and more information.

Start time is 9:00am each day and we’ll finish up at 5:00pm.

Philip Himanka is a PHCP Certified Practitioner and Mentor. He also has APF-I  certification with the American Association of Professional Farriers.  He has been applying glue-on hoof protection for over 10 years, has 2500+ trims on his books each year and has extensive rehabilitation experience. “I try to learn every day from every horse. I love to teach and help prospective practitioners to be successful.”

Philip owns and operates Not Only Barefoot Llc in Erie Colorado.








This event is approved for 21 CE credits with the IAPF.