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Wear Patterns, What They Really Mean!

This two-part webinar series introduces a protocol for establishing patterns of movement and wear patterns.

Part 1 – Wear patterns and movement

How do we know what effect our trimming has on equine hooves? In this session Nick Hill will introduce a protocol for establishing how our trimming affects equine hooves and movement. The protocol is extremely simple and efficient to use with a mobile phone, camera, or pen and paper. Nick will teach how to educate horse owners about the protocol so they are able to produce schematics and monitor their own horses. The protocol is a tangible tool that will help vets with lameness issues and when used on a regular basis acts as a record to validate your work.

Part 2 – Considerations based on movement

Once you have established patterns of movement it becomes easier to detect any abnormalities and identify and treat problems before they become serious. This session revisits and expands on the protocol taught in Part 1. Nick’s protocol will maximize the efficiency of biomechanics and reduce strain and stress on the horse.


Nick Hill is a natural hoof care practitioner. His training started with the use of shoes for horses in June 2003 when he began working alongside qualified FRC farriers who taught him the Cytek method. He was a farrier with Cytek until 2006, when his training suddenly took a drastic turn because his feelings about hoof care resonated with Jaime Jackson’s work and research on wild horses. In March of the same year he started training with the AANHCP training program. Along with Jamie Jackson, Nick’s mentors include Todd Jaynes and Richard Dewry. Nick has traveled and shadowed other practitioners around Europe (Italy, France and UK). In 2009 he accepted placement in the Board of Directors for the AANHCP alongside Jaime Jackson, Bruce Nock, Ann Corso and Richard Dewry. Nick is a registered instructor with Liberated Horsemanship. He has taught clinics in Europe, Africa, America, and Israel teaching professionals and horse owners to understand a different way of managing and maintaining their equines. V&T Equine Services aims to help anyone in the world through their clinics and educational offerings.

This event is approved for 2 CE credits with the IAPF.