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The PHCP membership is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Many members and students have had successful careers in other fields, bringing diverse life experiences to our work with horses. Our members include horse owners, students at all levels, and working professionals from around the world.

You can join with the goal of acquiring certification or as a supporting member. Annual membership rates are the same for all member types. All members have full access to members-only content on the website, forums and member rates for webinars and other educational events.

Annual membership – $60

Auto-renewed with the payment method you choose when you join online. Auto-renewal saves you the headache of keeping track of your membership status.

Your auto-renewal subscription must remain active while you are a member. Cancelling your auto-renewal subscription anytime during the year will also cancel your membership on that date.

One-time initiation fee – $40

Also applies to lapsed members who would like to be reinstated. The total cost to become a new member is $100.

Please note that when you join for the first time, you will be required to pay these fees in two separate steps because the annual membership fee is auto-renewing and the initiation fee occurs just once.

All fees must be paid at the time you join. Registrations not accompanied by these two fees will be deleted and you will need to fill out a new registration when you are ready to join.

To join fill out the registration form below. Please contact Marie Daniels if you have questions prior to joining.

If you somehow missed doing so in the registration process, you can pay your fees at the links below.