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Sustaining Your Hoof Care Business

After falling into trimming accidentally and having to learn how to run a business as she went, Corrie built a successful hoof care practice on the east coast and then started all over again on the west coast. Though business was running smoothly, Corrie started to feel the pain (literally and figuratively) of such a physically and emotionally demanding career. But she didn’t want to quit so she dedicated herself to personal and professional growth. Struggling with her own mental health, work injuries, client drama, and an inner sense of dissatisfaction were just a few of the obstacles along the way.
Corrie is excited to share with you some of the lessons she’s learned in the hopes that you can sustain your hoof care business for years to come. We will be discussing topics like safety, boundaries, relationships with clients and horses, self advocacy, compassion fatigue, burnout, and more.

Corrie Mannion is a barefoot trimmer and certified PHCP practitioner.
She got into hoof care accidentally, all because she fell in love with a horse with failing hoof health and wanted to help. While managing his extensive rehab process, Corrie discovered a new passion and started trimming professionally in 2015. A few years later, she moved to the west coast and started her business again in the Pacific Northwest. The magical and misty Washington state is now home to Corrie, her husband, two twin kitties, and her dog who is often mistaken for a fox.
Corrie seeks to bring a positive and practical perspective to the hoof care world, all for the higher purpose of honoring and advocating for our horses. She is passionate about friendship with other equine professionals and creating community to support each other in a challenging industry.