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Webinar instructions

Thank you for your interest in PHCP webinars!

Visit the time zone calculator to figure out what time this webinar starts in your time zone.

We use the Zoom platform for our webinars and you are encouraged to ask questions in the Chat Box.

The host will be available for a sound and equipment check and to help with any technical difficulties, 30 minutes prior to the webinar start time. If you don’t expect to have any issues we would still like to have you there 10 to 15 minutes ahead of start time to check in and make sure everything is working correctly.

If you are experiencing technical issues try logging out of the meeting and back in. If that doesn’t work turn off and restart your device and/or switch devices to see if you can get a better connection.  Many viewing issues are related to your internet speed. Please make sure you are the only person streaming the data in your household to minimize audio latency issues. We highly recommend you use both headphones with a mic and that you have a telephone available as back-up. It is frustrating for you to miss out on any part of the webinar.

Please mute yourself upon entering and turn off your webcam.  If logging in from a mobile device this does not always happen automatically.

Please be aware that if you pay for the webinar less than 24 hours in advance you may not receive the Zoom invitation that is emailed out the day before. There will be a link to the invitation on your receipt, so check your spam if you did not receive that.

The webinar recording usually take a day to process so please be patient. The link will be sent out to you the next day. The length of time a recording is available to view will depend on the webinar. The presenter owns their presentation material and the decision is theirs. We have been lucky to work with some amazing presenters who have been very generous sharing their research and knowledge with us. Please be respectful and do not share recording links with others.

Thank you for your participation.

PHCP webinar hosts

Jeannean Mercuri

Kathy Ladendecker

New to Zoom?

Zoom will download when you enter your first meeting/webinar or you can download it ahead HERE.