Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners

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Step 6

Step 6 – Completion of Elective Clinics

Elective clinics may be taken at any time during the Training Program.

Each student must take a minimum of six electives

Three of the electives must cover the subjects of advanced nutrition, reading radiographs, and insulin resistance/Cushing’s disease.

Choose from the approved options.

Advanced Nutrition: NRC Plus with Dr.Kellon or The Smart Way to Feed Horses, a PHCP webinar

Reading Radiographs: Basics of Reading Radiographs with Dr.Kellon or Radiographs for the Hoof Care Practitioner, a PHCP webinar

IR/Cushing’s: Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance with Dr.Kellon or IR and PPID: Managment and Diagnosis, a PHCP webinar

Check out the LEARN page for more approved Electives and the CALENDAR page for scheduled webinars and clinics.

When you take a non-PHCP run class, such as one of Dr. Kellon’s,  please send Leslie Carrig the details to receive credit and have it added to your file.