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Education Credit

PHCP Certified Practitioners must earn a minimum of 10 credit hours per year for any course related to whole horse health. Credits earned each year will appear in the profile of Practitioners, Advanced Student Practitioners, and Student Practitioners listed on the Practitioner page.

Clinics, webinars, and events paid through PHCP will automatically be added to your file. Events attended outside PHCP (that may not be listed below) should be added to your Training and Continuing Education form to receive credit. You must be logged in to add and update events on your form.

Credit will be assigned as follows 

1 credit per hour is assigned to required courses and PHCP clinics, webinars, mentorships, media presentations, and conferences.

1/2 credit per hour is assigned for approved courses taught outside the PHCP program.

There are exceptions to these general rules with more or less credit given for some events, as determined by the Education Committee.


  • PHCP Conferences – 25 credits
  • No Laminitis Conferences – 20 credits
  • Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association Conference – 10 credits
  • International Hoof Summit – 5 credits for students in training/10 CE credits for Certified Practitioners

Hands-on clinics

  • PHCP Beginning trim, anatomy, dissection, hoof protection and shoe removal – 24 credits
  • Advanced anatomy (2-day) with Paige Poss – 16 credits
  • Advanced anatomy and glue-on hoof protection (3-day) with Philip Himanka – 24 credits
  • Reading Radiographs for the Hoof Care Practitioner with Allison Williges DVM – 8 credits
  • Equine Bone and Skeletal Anatomy Class with Lorie Fleenor – 6 credits
  • Corrie Mannion and Jodie Jensen’s anatomy day – 8 credits

Whole Horse Trimming hands-on courses with Ida Hammer

completing beginning trimming, intermediate trimming, and day 1 of hoof protection fulfills the PHCP beginning clinic requirement

  • Exploring the Equine Hoof  – 8 credits
  • Beginning Trimming  – 8 credits
  • Intermediate Trimming – 8 credits
  • Advanced Trimming  – 8 credits
  • Foot Fall Analysis (HWP)  – 5 credits
  • Hoof Protection class/Transitioning help – 8 credits per day
  • Donkey Trimming – 8 credits
  • Pony and Miniature Horse Trimming – 8 credits
  • Foal Trimming – 8 credits
  • Certification Completion – 61 credits
  • Advanced Professional Classes – 24 credits

Online courses and webinars

  • NRC Plus with Dr. Kellon – 10 credits; 5 credits bonus for passing the exam
  • The Smart Way to Feed Horses webinar with Carol Layton – 6
  • Cushing’s and insulin resistance with Dr. Kellon – 10 credits; 5 credits bonus for passing the exam
  • IR and PPID webinar with Kathleen Gustafson, PhD – 6 credits
  • Basics of Radiographs with Dr. Kellon – 10 credits; 5 credits bonus for passing the exam
  • WTF? (What The Founder) webinar with Jeannean Mercuri – 3 credits
  • Starting Your Hoof Care Business webinar with Christina Krueger – 3 credits
  • Choosing and Fitting Hoof Boots webinar with Sara Hunt – 2 credits
  • Glue-on Shoeing Basics with Deanna Stoppler – 2 credits
  • Dr. Kellon’s 10-week online courses – 10 credits; 5 credit bonus for passing the exam
  • Dr. Kellon’s short (horse-related) online courses – 2 credits
  • Anatomy of the Equine full online course – 5 credits
  • Trim for Life with James Shaw – 8 credits

Working with other professionals

Students at the advanced level and Certified Practitioners may choose to work with other professionals in the industry.  A summary of your day must be submitted to receive credit. Critical thinking is encouraged for practitioners at this level. What fits with your approach and what does not? Students and Intermediate Student Practitioners need to solidify their training by completing the Intermediate Series before working with non-PHCP professionals.

  • Ride along with an Equine Professional (this may be a veterinarian, farrier, body worker, etc.) – 4 credits per professional
  • David Landreville – 4 credits per clinic
  • Daisy Haven Farms – workshops and online courses – 4 credits per course

Media Presentations

  • Independent Study Media Presentation – 5 credits
  • Final Media Presentation – 10 credits


  • PHCP Mentorships – 10 credits per day

PHCP Committee Volunteers

  • Board of Directors – 5 credits
  • Communication – 5 credits
  • Conference – 3 credits
  • Education – 8 credits
  • Enrollment – 3 credits
  • Evaluation – 8 credits
  • Scholarship – 5 credits

PHCP reserves the right to adjust credits as needed. More events will be added as credit is determined.