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Training and CE credit

Credit earned is recognized on the Practitioner page of the website. Every 20 credits will be represented by a ★ under each practitioner’s profile.

Clinics and webinars hosted by PHCP will automatically be added to your file. If you have taken a class outside of the organization that you would like to receive credit for, please send the name, date and description to Leslie Carrig.

Credit will be assigned as follows 

1 credit per hour is assigned to required courses and PHCP clinics, webinars, mentorships, media presentations, and conferences.

1/2 credit per hour is assigned for approved courses taught outside the PHCP program.

There are exceptions to these general rules with more or less credit given for some events, as determined by the Education Committee.


PHCP Conferences – 20/30 credits

No Laminitis Conferences – 20 credits

International Hoof Summit – 5 credits

Exploring the Equine Hoof (Ida Hammer) – 8 credits

Beginning Hoof Anatomy and Dissection – 8 Credits

Advanced Anatomy w/Paige Poss – 8 credits per day

Beginning Booting and Shoe Removal – 8 credits

Intermediate Trimming (Ida Hammer) – 8 credits

Advanced trimming (Ida Hammer) – 8 credits

Pathology, Hoof Distortions (Ida Hammer) – 8 credits

Hoof Wear Patterns/Footfall Analysis (Ida Hammer) – 5 credits

3 Day Hoof Protection class (Ida Hammer) – 8 credits per day

Pete Ramey 2 day clinics – 20 credits

PHCP Mentorships – 10 credits per day

IS Media Presentation – 5 credits

Final Media Presentation – 10 credits

NRC Plus w/Dr. Kellon – 10 credits – 5 credits bonus for passing the exam

The Smart Way to Feed Horses webinar w/Carol Layton – 6

Basics of Radiographs w/Dr. Kellon – 10 credits

Cushings/IR w/Dr. Kellon -10 credits

IR and PPID: Diagnosis and Management webinar w/Dr. Jaini Clougher – 6 credits

WTF? (what the foundered) w/ Jeannean Mercuri – 3 credits

Starting Your Hoof Care Business- 2 credits

Business of Booting – 2 credits

Ride along with an Equine Professional – 4 credits

All Dr. Kellon’s 10 week on-line courses – 10 credits: 5 credit bonus for passing the exam

All Dr. Kellon’s short (horse related) on-line courses – 2 credits

Anatomy of the Equine full online course – 5 credits

Credits may be adjusted as needed.