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Training and Continuing Education form

This form is designed for training program students and certified practitioners to track events attended outside the PHCP organization in 2024. Clinics, webinars, and events paid for through PHCP will be added to your file as they are attended. You should not include them here. If you have events missing in your file from previous years, please email the name, date, instructor, and number of hours to

This page can be added to and updated as you go through the year (you must be logged in). Once you have submitted the form, you can click on Update if you return to make changes or add events. At the end of 2023 these events will be added to your file. Only include events that occurred in 2023.

You may choose events from the dropdown menu or scroll to the bottom of the list and choose Other. Add other events in the correct format suggested. Other event name / Instructor / Hours attended. Any additional description can be added in notes, comments. Please click in date field and use the date picker to choose your event date (current year only).

A ride along with a professional must be accompanied by a summary of the day to receive credit. You may attach your summary in the upload box at the bottom of this form.

Not all events will qualify for credit but they are still of value for students to have included in their file. The Evaluation committee reads through each students file when they post a media presentation to get a fuller picture of their training.

Certified Practitioners, including Mentors, must complete 10 CE credits each year. These credits may include teaching clinics and webinars, serving on PHCP committees, and attending non PHCP clinics and webinars related to the whole horse, as they affect the hooves. For certified practitioners 1 credit equals 1 hour for most events.

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