Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners

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Step 5

Step 5 – Advanced Mentorship Series

A minimum of three mentorships are required.

One mentorship may be with a previous mentor. The final mentorship in this series must be with a mentor the student has not worked with before.

Students will choose and contact the Mentor directly to schedule mentorships as needed. Mentors have very busy schedules with their full time businesses so please give them time to reply.  Mentors have certain horses they like to teach on, as students will be trimming, so plan on scheduling these mentorships well in advance.

Mentorships cost $175 per day with $75 subsidized by PHCP.  Students will pay the remaining $100/day fee directly to the mentor. PHCP will pay for one advanced mentorship in full.
note: New members must complete one paid mentorship before receiving this free mentorship benefit.

Some mentors are able to travel to students within the US and work with them on their own client horses.  PHCP will pay the mentor’s travel expenses. Students will pay the full $175/day fee to the Mentor. We encourage students to coordinate with one or more other students in their area to plan multiple mentorships. This will stretch our education funds and make the most of the mentor’s travel time. Multiple students is not required however as sometimes it is the isolated student that can really benefit from this.

These mentorships will include trimming on a variety of horses. The purpose of the advanced mentorships is to further improve the student’s skills, work more in-depth with pathologies and other areas of special interest. These mentorships will prepare the student to become a polished professional and to pass the PHCP certification.

The final mentor will determine the students readiness to complete the program. With their approval the student may post the step 7 Final Media Presentation. This mentor may recommend an additional mentorship before step 7  if they feel the student would benefit from it.

The Final Media Presentation must be posted within 0ne year of the final mentorship. If this deadline is missed the student will be asked to do another mentorship.