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Making the Most of Your Mentorship

Mentorships are an important part of our training program. You will be trimming at these mentorships and the Mentor will be teaching as well as evaluating your needs throughout the day. Mentorship days can seem a little nerve wracking at first but there is really no need to feel nervous. Mentors are in this position because of their passion for teaching and their desire to help you succeed.

Keep in mind that there is more than one way to do things when it comes to trimming. Each mentor will offer something a little different and this will also vary with the environment and the horses you work on that day.

Be respectful and listen carefully to your Mentor. Consider all the information they share. Each Mentor has reviewed your file and knows how much experience you have. Even if this is your first mentorship and you have a full client load, the expectation is that you are here to learn. Learning requires an open mind and a willingness to listen. If you already know, you are unteachable.

Although the requirement for each mentorship is one day, it can be beneficial to schedule a multi-day mentorship. Especially if you have traveled far and especially at the beginning levels. Shadowing a mentor for one before your mentorship day is an option with many Mentors. This can help you to shake those nerves and get to know your Mentor a bit and how they work, before you dive into the trimming. Most Mentors change about $50 for a shadow/ride-a-long day.

You will find Mentor profiles and contact information on our Practitioners page. Check the Mentor box to search for all active Mentors. Contact the Mentor of your choice directly.

In choosing a Mentor be sure to ask some questions:

How do you prefer payment? Venmo? check? etc.
Any particularly interesting cases? Founder?
Should I bring lunch?
Will I need all my tools? (if you are flying you may be able to borrow tools such as a hoof jack)
Will there be other students at the mentorship?
Be sure to let your Mentor know what areas you feel you need help with. If you have a particular interest, say fitting boots or casting, let them know ahead of time.

Mentors are very busy and do their best to respond to a mentorship request. Give them a week to get back to you. They may need several weeks to schedule the day, as they are working with a client schedule that is already in place. So plan ahead!

Mentorships cost $175 per day with $75 subsidized by PHCP.  Students will pay the remaining $100/day fee directly to the mentor. PHCP offers these subsidies for one or two day mentorships. Students doing a three day mentorship are responsible for the full $175 on the third day. Be prepared to pay the day of the mentorship. Make sure you know what form of payment the Mentor will accept. This is your responsibility.

Relax, have fun, and learn!