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Step 4

Step 4 – Independent Study

Students who have passed their final beginning mentorship will need to pass a written exam before entering Independent Study.

Students entering IS will be considered Student Practitioners and may be advertised on the PHCP website as such.

During Independent Study students will practice their skills and gain experience working on their own horses and building a clientele. They are encouraged to use the PHCP Chat forum to post photos, and discuss any interesting or challenging cases that they may encounter.

This step should be sufficiently long enough for the student to gain experience in the real world and work on a variety of horses. The suggested Independent Study period will vary widely, depending on the student’s previous experience and progress.

Students are required to do two mentorships during Independent Study. One may be with a mentor they previously worked with and one must be with a mentor they have not worked with before. Students will contact a Mentor and schedule mentorships as needed.

Please read Making the Most of Your Mentorship before scheduling your mentorship.

Mentorships cost $175 per day with $75 subsidized by PHCP.  Students will pay the remaining $100/day fee directly to the mentor.

Some mentors are able to travel to students and work with them on their own client horses. Students should visit the PHCP private chat forum for more details on traveling mentorships.

The first mentorship may take place anytime during Independent Study and the 2nd mentorship should be scheduled when the student feels ready to advance to step 5.

An IS Progress Report  should be submitted after the completion of each mentorship, by the student.

With the approval of the second mentor, the student may submit their IS Media Presentation to the Evaluation Committee. This presentation is designed to prepare the student for the Final Media Presentation. Visit the documents section of the Training page for the presentation guidelines.

The IS Presentation is a fantastic learning experience as you will receive feedback from some of our top mentors who make up the Evaluation Committee. If it is not passed on the first try you will receive support and direction to help with any additional submissions that may be requested.

Once a Student Practitioner passes the IS Media Presentation they will be considered an Advanced Student Practitioner and will be designated as such on the website.

Important: Student Practitioners and Advanced Student Practitioners who choose to be advertised on the PHCP website, are required to complete one mentorship or submit a media presentation annually to maintain their listing. The media presentation will follow the guidelines for the Independent Study Media Presentation. It will not be judged in a pass/fail capacity, but the student will receive feedback in the form of written comments by Evaluation Committee members. Media Presentations may be submitted for three years in lieu of a mentorship. After three years a mentorship is required to remain advertised.