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Step 3

Step 3 – Beginning Mentorship Series

A minimum of three mentorships, one or two days each, with three different PHCP Mentors are required.

One or two of these mentorships may be taken before the step 2 beginning clinics.

Students will choose and contact the Mentor directly to schedule their mentorships as needed. Mentors have very busy schedules with their full time businesses so please give them time to reply.  Mentors have certain horses they like to teach on, as students will be trimming, so plan on scheduling these mentorships well in advance.

Mentorships cost $175 per day with $75 subsidized by PHCP.  Students will pay the remaining $100/day fee directly to the mentor.

We recommend that beginners with limited trimming experience schedule two day mentorships when possible. It takes time to build strength and efficiency trimming. Multi-day mentorships will give beginners more opportunity to trim and learn at a slower pace.

Each mentor will fill out an Mentorship Evaluation form at the end of the mentorship. This will be added to the student’s file and they will receive a copy as well.

Topics covered include

Tool selection, use, and maintenance

Basic trims on live horses

Safe horse handling skills and dealing with common behavior problems

Identifying common hoof problems and recognizing how diet and lifestyle can affect the hoof

To prepare for these mentorships, be sure to study the recommended Distal Limb Anatomy and Hoof Care media, listed on our Resources page.

The final mentor of the Beginning Series will determine the students readiness to advance to Independent Study. The student may be asked to do another mentorship, to work on the skills needed to progress.

Please read Making the Most of Your Mentorship before scheduling your mentorship.