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Coos Bay, OR (US)

Serving OR.



Alyssa Augustson

Advanced Student Practitioner

37 credits completed in the past year.

I grew up a “barn rat” riding dressage and eventing as I worked my way through the United States Pony Club levels. Pony Club fed my hunger for knowledge and taught me a strong attention to detail. Horse care became the most important part of my involvement with horses. In 2014, I started trimming my own horses. And so, my horse care fixation took a sharp turn toward hoof care, diet, and proper movement. I began studying hoof care, earning the Equine Sciences Academy degree, and then joined PHCP to continue my education.

Trimming, for me, is both an art and a puzzle. Every hoof is different, every horse an individual to be understood. I find joy in helping build the horse-human partnership as I help owners understand what their horse needs to be sound, healthy, and happy. Continuing my education and learning is of utmost importance. It is my job and responsibility to listen to what the horse is asking for and to trim in a way that helps the horse grow the healthiest feet possible.

If you are seeking the barefoot life for your horse, are interested in how we can help your horse grow the best hoof possible, feel free to contact me!
Phone/Text 612 750 2835