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PHCP training program

In addition to the supportive community that Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners provides we offer a training program for members who seek certification as professional hoof care practitioners. The training enrollment form collects information about your experience, previous training, and goals. This information will help us to place you at the appropriate level. Everyone is welcome and accepted into this training program, even those unsure if their goal to become a professional. There is no time constraint on completing the steps. Click on Step 1 above for instructions on enrolling.


Clinics and PHCP Mentors are located around the US and in Eastern Canada. There will be a fair amount of travel to mentors as students are required to work with a number of different mentors throughout their training, and not just the one/s close to home.


The total cost of completing the training program will vary widely from student to student. Factors such as the level you enter and the amount of travel needed according to your location will determine this. Estimate your total costs to complete certification.

Education credits

We encourage our members to continue their education and keep up to date with the latest hoof care practices. CE and training credit is given for mentorships, clinics, webinars, and media presentations. The amount of credit earned in the previous year can be found in each practitioners profile on the Practitioner page directory. PHCP Certified Practitioners and Mentors must earn a minimum of 10 credits per year.

Education scholarships

Applications for 2024 are closed. The PHCP Scholarship Committee will contact all applicants with the results for 2024 by March 30. Applications for 2025 will open on January 1.

PHCP has funds available each year to help students in need progress in the training program to become certified professionals. These funds will cover required clinics, webinars, and mentorship fees, as well as travel expenses. Intermediate Student Practitioners and Advanced Student Practitioners are eligible to apply for the Education scholarship.

Our PHCP Starting Gate scholarship is awarded to one beginner in our training program each year. Students at the beginning level must complete at least one mentorship or beginning clinic to be eligible.  A written recommendation from a PHCP Mentor, Clinician or Practitioner must accompany the Starting Gate application.

Professionals joining

We have many professionals who have training elsewhere join PHCP. Some are looking for PHCP certification. In these cases we look to see that all the subjects required in the training program have been covered. For PHCP certification a minimum of two mentorships with two different mentors is required. Additionally we will ask for a submission of a maintenance trim presentation (the IS Media Presentation) as preparation for the final media presentation.

Others are not looking for PHCP certification but would like to be part of a hoof care professional group for support, to share ideas and take advantage of member pricing on webinars and events. These professionals may join as a supporting member.

Our stance on full time hoof protection

While glue-on boots, composite shoes, and any other full-time protection product can be useful in palliative cases, transitions, and short term for performance events, we recognize that full-time protection does not allow for continued development and conditioning of hoof structures. The use of removable hoof protection is ideal for supporting proper mechanics on all terrain, while allowing for conditioning and natural wear of the hoof in its turn out environment.