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Step 6

Step 6 – Final Media Presentation

Once a student has been approved by their final mentor they may submit their Final Media Presentation. This must be posted within one year of the final mentorship or another mentorship will be required.

In addition to a maintenance trim, it will include a progressive case study on a horse with hoof pathology. This will take several months to complete so each student should plan in advance, documenting several potential subjects along the way.

Once the final presentation is posted the Evaluation Committee will review it. Along with the presentation, mentorship evaluation forms, progress reports, and all other documentation in the students file will be reviewed and considered by the committee.

The Final Media Presentation is a fantastic opportunity to receive feedback from some of our top mentors who make up the Evaluation Committee. Not everyone passes on the first try. You will receive support and direction to help with any additional submissions that may be requested.

Once the student has passed the Evaluation Committee they will receive a summary of constructive comments on their media presentation and they will become a PHCP Certified Practitioner.