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Step 1

Step 1 – Enrollment

If you are not yet a member you can opt to enroll in the training program when you first join PHCP. Just fill out and submit the PHCP membership registration form and pay the associated fees.

If you are already a supporting member and want to enroll in the training program, fill out a training program enrollment form. (you must be logged in to submit your training enrollment form).

If your goal is to become certified please be aware that travel to mentors around the country will be required.

The training program may be upgraded from time to time to ensure that we can provide the best education for those seeking to become certified hoof care practitioner.

The training program enrollment committee will review your submission, set up a welcome call with you, and determine where it would be most appropriate for you to enter the training program. For those already working as hoof care providers, you will be asked to do a one-day mentorship to help us with your placement. A file will be started for each student containing all mentorships and clinics attended, as well as all documentation created as you progress through the program. You may print out this handy Training program tracking worksheet to keep track of your own progress.