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Starting Gate scholarship application


Beginning PHCP Students who have not yet reached the Intermediate Studies level and have completed at least one mentorship or beginning clinic. If you’re not sure of your eligibility, contact us to confirm before submitting an application.

A reference from a PHCP Mentor, Clinician or Practitioner attesting to the student’s demonstrated dedication or progress potential must be submitted in writing, in addition to this application. This confidential referral should be submitted directly to the Scholarship Committee by the person making the referral.

Funds are to be used for PHCP sponsored events such as required clinics, mentorships, webinars and electives.

Only online applications are currently being accepted. Applications must be submitted no later than February 29, 2024. The PHCP Scholarship Committee will contact all applicants with results by March 30, 2024.

The Scholarship Committee would like to see LOTS of information in these applications to evaluate each student. The text boxes are expandable and we ask that you offer as much detail as possible.

Before applying

Please confirm the following:

  • I have carefully read the Training program and related documents
  • I understand what steps I will need to complete before I reach certification and I am prepared to begin active study (mentorships, clinics) if awarded funds.
  • I have logged in to the website, visited the chat forum, and read through the members only-information.
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