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SmugMug Upload/Edit Instructions

When you are ready to upload photos/videos go to the private PHCP SmugMug site and login with the username and password provided to you. You will need to select Owners Log In, circled in the screenshot below. The center login is for viewing only.

Select Site at the top when you first enter the site and anytime you need to return to
the main site.

Find Your Folder

On the Home page you will choose the folder in the correct category for your Media Presentation. Step #4 IS Media Presentation or Step #7 Final Presentation.

In this presentation folder, a folder containing one or more galleries has been created for you. The IS Media Presentation folder will contain one gallery for your Maintenance Trim and the Final Presentation folder will have two galleries. One for the Maintenance trim and one for your Pathology case study.

Add a description

Once you have selected the appropriate gallery in your folder you may add a description of the horse by selecting Settings. This description should be as extensive as needed. Include age, breed, diet, lifestyle, and any and all issues you take into consideration while you work on this horse. By adding the description to the gallery setting, it will show up on every page of your photos for easy reference. This is a great help to the evaluators who will refer back to your subject’s history often.

We recommend that you write the description in another document first, then copy and paste it into the gallery settings description area shown below.

Be sure to hit SAVE when you are finished.

Before you upload your photos change their file name

It is helpful to change the file name for organizing purposes. This is not a must but you will see below in the Organizing your photos section how helpful this will be when it comes time to drag and drop your photos into order. It can be challenging to differentiate between your front, rear, left, right, before, and after in the Organizing window, once all your photos are uploaded. You will be shooting all your before trims first and then all your after trims next and they will upload in the order taken because of their file name. You can not change the file name once they are uploaded to SmugMug. By renaming the file on your phone or computer you can easily drag before and after trim photos of the same foot and view to be side by side. The Evaluation Committee will really appreciate this!

Changing the file name in an iPhone

Changing the file name on an android

Uploading photos

If you are uploading for the first time into an empty Gallery you may select either of these options while you are in your Gallery.

If you are uploading into a gallery with photos already in it, select the big green upload icon in the top bar.

Videos of 20 minutes maximum may be uploaded the same way. They can take a while to show up, so drag them in and go ride your horse. 🙂


You may edit photos right in SmugMug. Choose the little wrench tool below the photo and – Open in Editor in the drop down.

In the Editors screen you may crop, rotate, straighten, adjust color, and add titles and captions. Cropping your photos will help to zoom in on the hoof. Cropping is a good idea if there is a lot of excess space around the hoof but cropping too close can cause the viewer to lose perspective. Rotating takes time so you may not see it immediately. Check back later.

You can scroll back and forth through photos without leaving the Edit screen by using the arrows right and left. The arrow on the upper right will allow you to change between editing options and don’t forget to SAVE.

Only admin can delete photos and galleries. If you need photos deleted please title them delete and contact PHCP to let us know.

Organizing your photos

Click on the Organize icon at the top of the page to access this area. The left side of this screen is where you will find your gallery to organize the photos into the correct order. Use the down arrow next to your name to find the gallery you want to work in.

When you select the correct gallery all the photos in it will be on the right side of this page. Select and drag the photos into the proper order. Before trim followed by after trim of the same hoof and view. If you have renamed the photo files before uploading this will be easy. Tip: Do your drag and drop very slowly. Select a photo and hold it a moment until it starts to move with you, then move it until the green square is where you want and let go.

You need to select the icon circled above to see the file names in this window. The slide bar at the bottom adjusts the size of your thumbnails and therefore how many will be in a row.

To exit the Organizing window back into the gallery you are working on select VIEW ON SITE.

Adding Titles and Captions

The title tells us which hoof it is, before or after the trim. (ex: LR/AT) If you changed the file names on your photos you can click on the tab to confirm which foot it is. 

Captions are a place to add your comments to the photo. 

There is a comments box also but it is better to put your comments in the captions box. They are easier for the committee to see while viewing the photo, as the comments end up down at the bottom of the page. 

You must click on the check mark next to the title or caption box in order to save it and any changes you make. 

Share your thoughts about the hoof in the photo. What do you see? Why did or didn’t you trim something? Help the evaluators to understand your decision making and thought process. 

If you would like some help with any part of this please contact us

Your media presentation will not be viewed by evaluators until you notify us that it is ready. You can start uploading right away and take your time getting it just the way you want.