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PHCP Media Release

We ask that all conference participants sign a media release form so that we can take photos and video throughout the event uniquely for use on the PHPC website, social media and promotional material.

PHCP media release

PHCP 2022 Conference media release

I agree to the inclusion of my image and/or audio in photos and video taken at the 2022 Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners annual conference and hereby grant to their subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, successors, and assigns the right and permission to record, use, publish, or otherwise distribute any image, audio or video recording of me in relation to this event.

I warrant and agree that I have the legal and mental capacity to contract and to enter into this agreement and that, in doing so, I will not violate the rights of any third parties. I agree that PHCP may use my name, likeness, image and voice for the commercial and non-commercial purposes of reproducing, preparing derivative works of, distributing, and presenting this media in any and all forms of media now in existence or to be created in the future.

I understand that I will receive no payment for my participation or for the use of my name, likeness, image or voice. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify PHCP against any and all claims of liability or infringement that arise out of or in relation to my participation. In consideration for my participation, PHCP grants me a limited, non-exclusive and royalty free license to market, promote, and distribute the recorded audio and/or images in whole or in part for non-commercial purposes.

This release shall be binding upon me, my heirs and my legal representatives.

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