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It’s not working!

First of all, having difficulty with anything on this website does NOT make you stupid or hopeless. There are NO stupid questions. Chances are, something your browser, computer, tablet or smartphone is doing for you “automatically” is making your life difficult. Check out the FAQ below to see if the solution to your problem is here. If you’re still having trouble, please email and we’ll get back to you asap.

I haven’t received my password reset link via email

If you’ve requested a password reset via the Log In page Forgot Password link, it’s probably in your Spam, Updates or Promotions folder (some email applications do “auto-sorting” of your email, too). You can also check whatever folder your email application uses for “all mail”. The email will be from so you could also search for that email before contacting us.

After I have logged in and try to load the new Forums page, my browser takes me to the old Forum page

This is most likely happening because your browser has a setting enabled that causes it to “help” you by auto-completing the URL (otherwise known as the web page “address”) you are typing in. If you have ever typed in it is removing the “s” from the new URL (/forums). You might have experienced this when you try to type in another URL for some website you’ve previously visited and don’t end up where you expected. You’ll need to read the following info about browser caching to see how to fix the problem.

How to empty your browser, tablet or smartphone cache

The browser cache is the “static” (unchanging) version of a web page that your browser, computer, tablet or smartphone creates and saves to make a website load faster on your next visit. Sometimes, though (like maybe now), you don’t want to see the “old” version – you need to access a page that has been changed since your last visit. Time to empty your cache, which used to be easy to do, but modern browsers (on computers and on smartphones or tablets) often bury this option in their menus or don’t do a complete job. Tablets and mobile phones are especially fond of hoarding caches, by the way – this website never serves up a “cached” page to mobile devices but your phone or table doesn’t care, so it does. Here are instructions and links for doing this on the most popular browsers and devices.

Google Chrome / Apple Safari / Mozilla Firefox

Opera / Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

iPhone-iPad / Android device

I can’t log in – my browser keeps entering my old or invalid password

Cookies are files created by your web browser, at the request of a website, that are stored on your hard drive. They keep track of your visits and activity to deliver you better user experiences when you next visit. When you log in or fill in forms (like when purchasing an item online), a cookie is created as you go from step to step during a “session” (which is what any interactive time you spend there is called). Sometimes this creates a problem for you when you have a new password for a site you’ve already logged in to (like this one), so you need to erase not only your browser cache but any cookies that are hanging around as well. You can often choose to clear cache and cookies at the same time and you can usually view any saved cookies in your browser settings or preferences file, from within the browser.

Visit this link to learn how to clear cookies on major browsers.