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Next Step Trimming



Penn Yan, NY (US)

Serving NY.



Shelley Walker


Advanced Student Practitioner

Take the Next Step! Help Your Horse Develop a Healthier Hoof

Hello, My name is Shelley Walker, owner of Next Step Trimming. I have been working with horses, as a rider, an instructor, and an equine hoof care specialist for many years. My goals are to develop and maintain healthy, sound hooves. I am patient with horses and have developed creative ways to help horses with a variety of conditions. I take a multidimensional approach to hoof care by studying current trimming methods, nutrition, anatomy, dentistry, posture, and movement on an ongoing basis.

Next Step Trimming uses a comprehensive approach to help horses that suffer from:

Chronic thrush & White line disease
Arthritis & Ringbone
Laminitis and Lameness
Metabolic issues
Club foot
Navicular disease
Negative Palmar and Plantar Angles (long toe low heel)

Learn more about my educational experiences and professional development by clicking/copy pasting this link!

I trim horses, ponies, donkeys and draft horses. I schedule my clients on a consistent 4-6 week trimming cycle-depending on the needs of the horse. This allows me to make small adjustments and shape the growth as it comes in. Regular, short trim cycles keep the hoof wall tightly connected to the sole and coffin bone. Keeping the toe short and round promotes faster breakover, encourages heel first landing, increases blood flow to the hoof and reduces thrush/white line disease! If you are serious about improving and maintaining the health of your horse’s feet and you are ready to take the NEXT STEP call Shelley today!

Please visit my website. It is full of great information and also contains examples of my work.

Services I provide:

Consulting, Hoof Trimming, Hay Analysis, Diet Balancing, Boot Fitting, Composite Glue on Shoes, Formahoof, and a mobile store with a variety of tried and true supplements and products to help your horse.