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Anatomy of the Equine



Tucson, AZ (US)

Serving AZ.



Paige Poss

Practitioner, Clinician

16 credits completed in 2022

Trimming a limited number of clients and teaching extensively.

I started my hoof care odyssey in 1999.  That was a pivotal era in hoof care.  There were very few resources at the time.  Jaime Jackson, Dr. Strasser and one trimming website was basically all that was available.

The only way to get good at trimming was to just do it.  I paired up with my best friend and trimming mentor, Ruth Green (she and Pete Ramey were part of the first 5 AANHCP instructors).

I trimmed anything that would stand still long enough.  I began dragging home anything that was lame and worked through their issues.

I learned by fire. Early in my journey, I started exploring and dissecting cadaver feet.  What I have learned is the cornerstone of my work. I became a professional in 2001. In 2003 I started www.ironfreehoof.  I’ve always been passionate about helping others with good information.

In 2012, I upped the ante on teaching and creating educational material. Fellow trimmer, Jenny Edwards (, and I joined forces and created Anatomy of the Equine.

Jenny’s graphic design background and my science and research training are a perfect blend.

We have created books and posters. We have carefully crafted them to be both study guides and handy tools for teaching. But we have thousands more images we want people to see.

Our images convey so much information; we hate they are stuck in a virtual closet. We want to extrapolate every ounce of information that each cadaver foot imparts. It is a tribute to the horses.

Everyone sees something different in our photos. We want a more interactive platform, so our latest push is webinars, clinics and lectures.

The more we understand mechanics the more we help horses.

I love teaching and building confidence for students at all levels.

Client List

My client list fluctuates from being full to an occasional opening.  It is worth it to contact me.

Contact via
The best way to reach me is via text or email.  Calling is the worst! I am terrible with voicemail.