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The Home Grown Hoof



Location: Laramie, WY (US)

Serving: CO, WA


Nell Hanley


Student Practitioner

Serving southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado (standard service area within a 50 mile radius of Laramie, WY)

Preferred contact: phone (call or text)

My goal as a barefoot hoof care practitioner is to help the horse grow and maintain balanced, healthy hooves with optimal form and function for each individual horse, allowing for proper absorption of concussive forces and minimal strain on the joints and tendons of the distal limb.

But the trim is only part of the hoof care picture. Growing and maintaining healthy hooves on our horses requires that we balance all the factors that contribute to their health and overall wellness. So I believe in working with horse owners and other equine professionals to promote this overall balance and wellness. The bottom line is that it’s about the whole horse, always: body, mind, and spirit. That’s how we grow and keep healthy feet on our horses.