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Colbert, WA (US)

Serving WA, WY.



Marie Daniels


13 credits completed in 2022

I joined PHCP shortly after being certified by AHA, and enjoyed building my busy Hoofcare practice in central Louisiana.  For over a decade I specialized in empowering horse owners by teaching them how to better care for their horses hoof and nutritional needs. 

Retirement and moving to Wyoming gave me the opportunity to focus on mentoring. I have especially enjoyed teaching beginners. I remember how overwhelming those first years can be!

My husband and I have now relocated to Spokane, in Eastern Washington. I have 2 horses of my own, and trim 5 for others…as I am semi-retired.

Students wishing to do a mentorship can contact me here: Mentorships are $175.00 per day per student. PHCP will subsidize 75.00 of your Mentorship, so you will pay just $100.00.