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South Hamilton, MA (US)

Serving MA, NH.



Alicia Harlov


57 credits completed in 2022

My passion for hoofcare all started with my BLM mustang, Vinnie. Shortly after adopting him, he was diagnosed with navicular disease (bone changes, spurs, and suspected soft tissue damage). Determined to not let my hopes and dreams for him fall apart, I began researching what I could do to help him. This led me to Rockley Farm, in Exmoor, England, where I learned about barefoot hoof rehabilitation. I flew there to see the rehab facility for myself, and fell in love with hoofcare. Because of this background, I have a soft spot in my heart for horses diagnosed with navicular, and am very passionate about educating owners in regards to navicular diagnosis and rehab.

At the rehab, I learned the importance of diet and movement in regards to hoof health. I enjoy teaching owners how to grow the healthiest hoof possible through diet adjustments and watching for correct biomechanics in movement. I believe that getting a horse sound is often a matter of finding the right pieces to the puzzle, and I am determined to help owners find what works for their horse.

Since visiting Rockley, I have studied under various trimming methodologies and philosophies, and have strong influences from Pete Ramey, KC LaPierre, Maureen Tierney, ELPO, among others. I am a member of ECIR and am happy to help owners with metabolic horses as well.

Tthe best way to reach me is to text at 774-266-0715 or email me at!