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Apache Junction, AZ (US)

Serving AZ.



Aliki Voreios

Advanced Student Practitioner

29 credits completed in the past year.

I have a passion for horses and riding.

At 2 years old, I sat on my first pony ride at a shopping center fair in a small town in Texas and my love has never subsided. After spending years taking lessons in dressage, trail and working at a trail riding ranch in southern California, I ended up in Arizona.

I have been working as a professional trainer full time for several years and have recently been training mustangs and burros from the BLM. I speak fluently in horse, gaited horse, donkey/ burro and even chestnut Arabian mare.

I have been trimming my own horses for quite a while, but have evaluated too many horses that needed more. The whole horse benefits with not only saddle fit, bit fit, lessons and training but also with a strong, functioning hoof.