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PHCP/American Hoof Association/IAPF



Bristol, TN (US)

Serving TN, VA.



Lorie Fleenor

Practitioner, Mentor, Clinician

12 credits completed in the past year.

As an 8th generation farmer, knowledge of animal welfare has always been a priority for me. Whole horse hoof care has been a passion of mine since I first learned to trim in 2007. I continue to educate myself so that I can better help people and horses find a pathway to health and happy trails. I host multiple clinics for riding and hoof care each year, and am very active in our local horse community. My husband and two children help me on the farm where we run a 265 head cattle operation, board and care for 75 horses, teach riding, and offer training services. I serve clients in Southwest VA and Northeast TN. I am thrilled to be a Mentor and Clinician with PHCP. We have a huge variety of horses, hooves, and pathologies on our farm. The horses live out 24/7 in herds on hilly pastures, so it’s fun to watch rehab and healthy hooves happen as new horses come in! As we all know, Diet/Exercise/Trim go hand in hand! I’m happy to have visitors and students, just reach out. Check out the Calendar for more information on my classes.