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Long Island, NY (USA)



Lyric DeMaio

Intermediate Student Practitioner

123 credits completed in 2022

In 2021, I started my hoof care journey with my very own OTTB. When I thought there were subtle pathologies, I began researching what could be going on with his feet and discovered that his hooves were actually very distorted! I then got in contact with Jeannaean Mercuri, Hoof Care Practitioner and Mentor, who began helping me to rehab my horses feet. She immediately recognized the “hoof nerd” in me, and introduced me to PHCP (Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners) and the world of barefoot trimming.

Since then, I have completely fallen in love with hoof care. Dedicating much of my free time to hoof care clinics, mentorships, webinars and more! Through these learning experiences, I have gained the knowledge and skills to help hooves of all kinds. This includes assessing movement, body structure, diet, lifestyle, environment, and workload of each horse. I then partner with their owner to build an individualized plan to help their horses grow a healthy and fully functional hoof.

I am currently accepting new clients on Long Island, NY. Please feel free to give me a call/text at (516)965-5863 or email me at !