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conference agenda

2024 conference agenda

Thursday, October 3 – Sunday, October 6

Day Time Activity Location/Room
Thursday 2:00 pm Board of Directors meeting TBA
Thursday 4:00 pm Registration open TBA
Thursday 5:00 pm Members Business Meeting TBA
Friday 7:00 am Registration open TBA
Friday 8:00 am Welcome TBA
Friday 8:15 am Jenny Hagen, DVM, PhD, CF - What is the correlation between the function of the proximal locomotor system and body posture with gait and hoof conformation? Learn about the connection between conformation and the function of the neck, thoracic sling, back and pelvis with regard to gait quality and hoof conformation. Dysfunctions of the proximal locomotor system influence the locomotion pattern of horses, and specific body postures affect the load at the hooves and their conformation. It is the aim to give hoof care providers a basis for a more comprehensive evaluation of the horse and a better understanding about why specific hoof conformations occur and which motion patterns are related to the function of the proximal locomotor system (rather than to the toe conformation). By understanding these principles, the communication between the hoof care provider, veterinarian, manual therapist and owner will improve as well as the function of the locomotor system of each individual horse. TBA
Friday 9:30 am - - -
Friday 9:45 am Jenny Hagen, DVM, PhD, CF - Scientific insights into mediolateral balance and everyday hoof care. Mediolateral balance is a widely and sometimes misleading term used by equine professionals, particularly hoof care providers and veterinarians. In this presentation Dr. Hagen will clarify terms related to mediolateral balance and give an overview of current research findings in regard to trimming and shoeing. Learn about the static approaches and references to evaluate mediolateral balance of the hoof and the distal limb, and the dynamic aspects of this term during load and locomotion. Using current research findings, the vague term "balance" will be defined in a professional and practical background. TBA
Friday 11:00 am - - -
Friday 11:15 am Wendy Murdoch - Ease your aches with simple Feldenkrais®Lessons. Trimmers need simple, easy lessons that take only a few minutes to help find relief from aches and pains at the end of each day. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Wendy will guide participants through a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Lesson to alleviate stress, restriction and discomfort, and to create relaxation and ease, and greater freedom of movement. TBA
Friday 12:15 pm Lunch TBA
Friday 12:15 pm Trade show sneak peek TBA
Friday 1:45 pm Dr. David Rendle - Why and what hoof care professionals need to know about about obesity. Understand the importance of obesity and metabolic disease in the development of laminitis. Appreciate the importance of dietary management, exercise and managing metabolism in promoting weight loss. Learn why we need to be concerned about those horses that may not look that fat. TBA
Friday 2:45 pm - - -
Friday 3:00 pm Round table - Trimming Performance Horses with moderators Maia Chaput/Kristen Wertz TBA
Friday 3:00 pm Round table - Track Systems and Lifestyle with moderators Alicia Harlov/Ruthie Thompson-Klein TBA
Friday 3:00 pm Round table - Tool Selection and Maintenance with moderators Philip Himanka/Sara Hunt TBA
Friday 4:00 pm Trade show opens TBA
Friday 5:00 pm Meet and Greet at trade show TBA
Friday 8:00 pm Meet and Greet wraps up TBA
Saturday 8:00 am Dr. David Rendle - Managing hyperinsulinaemia and laminitis. Can we make laminitis a thing of the past? Explore the link between obesity, insulin and laminitis. Understand how we can identify horses at greatest risk of laminitis. Look at how the management of hyperinsulinemia has evolved. Review the latest research on medical treatments to manage hyperinsulinemia. TBA
Saturday 9:15 am - - -
Saturday 9:30 am Dr. David Rendle - Does PPID have a role in laminitis? How can we identify horses that have endocrine disease? TBA
Saturday 10:45 am - - -
Saturday 11:00 am Ida Hammer - Pre-hab beats rehab; why wear patterns matter. TBA
Saturday 12:00 pm Lunch TBA
Saturday 12:00 pm Trade show TBA
Saturday 1:30 pm Ida Hammer - Using whole horse hoof care for the best barefoot transition results. TBA
Saturday 2:30 pm - - -
Saturday 2:45 pm Wendy Murdoch - The connection between Posture, Balance and Behavior. As the founder of the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program and creator of SURE FOOT Equine Balance Pads, Wendy will present an interactive lecture/demonstration to highlight the connection between posture, balance and behavior. In addition, she will describe how SURE FOOT Balance Pads assist hoof care professionals to create a safer working environment by helping horses relax while being trimmed. TBA
Saturday 3:45 pm - - -
Saturday 4:00 pm Round table - Hoof Pathologies with moderators Alicia Harlov/TBD TBA
Saturday 4:00 pm Round table - Donkey Feet with moderators Cayce Brockwell/Jeannean Mercuri TBA
Saturday 4:00 pm Round table - Avoiding Burnout with moderators Christina Krueger/Melody O'Brien TBA
Saturday 5:00 pm Cocktails and trade show TBA
Sunday 8:00 am Celeste Lazaris TBA
Sunday 9:00 am - - -
Sunday 9:15 am Celeste Lazaris TBA
Sunday 10:15 am - - -
Sunday 10:30 am Interactive anatomy breakout TBA
Sunday 10:30 am Panel discussion TBA
Sunday 12:15 pm Conference wrap-up TBA