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Fat Pony Feeders LLC

We are excited to share our amazing horse feeding solutions with you! Our products are the results of dedicated human invention put to the test by equine resourcefulness and occasional brute force. We have spent more than a decade researching the right materials and improving the design to make our hay nets and automatic hay feeders convenient and reliable. Our products are handmade in Colorado!

We named our hay net “the Perfect Hay Net”, perhaps not the most humble description, but a decade of trial and error followed by tough, real life testing has convinced us that it is indeed the perfect hay net! These hay nets are the fastest and easiest to load, and they are safe for ground feeding as the drawstring is hidden. Made with knotless woven polyester, our nets are also suitable for soaking hay as they are 100% synthetic. This material is tough and weather resistant, yet soft for frustration-free feeding. Our hay nets are endorsed by veterinarians as well as equine dentists!

Our automatic, solar powered “Perfect Hay Feeder” is designed to deliver feed in any weather. A high capacity battery makes it reliable at night or during cloudy and snowy days. The feeder is fence mounted and portable, making it possible to deliver feed wherever you want and whenever you want. It is incredibly quick and easy to load! Feeding times are programmable through a Bluetooth app, delivering a single serving of any feed you want: loose hay, netted hay, pellets, cubes – even soaked hay or mashes!