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Red Horse Products is a British company specialising in equine care solutions that are both effective and support the healthy tissue growth. Our products do not contain caustic ingredients or the bulky fillers found in many mass marketed products. Our business is customer focused and from the start has been demand, rather than profit, driven.

The initial products were developed with no thoughts of selling them or founding a company! A client (Sam schooled and looked after event horses) had 2 horses experiencing various skin and hoof issues. None of the products on the market were helping so Sam and his Dad (a retired vet and beekeeper) developed HoneyHeel and Hoof-Stuff to try to help these horses. The results were impressive and word of mouth led to numerous requests for the products.

Over 15 years on and we are delighted that our products have done an excellent job in marketing themselves with recommendations from horse owners and hoof care networks spreading them from the UK to mainland Europe, the USA, Canada and now Australia.

Artimud especially has become reknowned among farriers for its ability to prevent infection taking hold under shoes, pads and impression material eliminating one of the main negative effects of pad use.