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PHCP Education Scholarship Funds Make an Impact

A PHCP educational scholarship can make an impact on a student’s educative journey as they work toward completing the practitioner certification. These funds cover required clinics, webinars, and mentorship fees, as well as travel expenses.

If you would like to be part of a student’s path to certification, consider donating to the scholarship fund here. Donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible.

The following testimonials are from scholarship recipients enrolled in the PHCP certification program.

Reach Your Goals

“I began trimming professionally about 1.5 years ago. I have found that being able to say that I have traveled all over the country to train with hoof care professionals is pretty impressive to my clients. So I definitely think that the PHCP program has helped to increase my credibility and value in the minds of my clients. In fact, I raised my rates last month and didn’t get a single objection or lost client.

I completed my beginning mentorship series with scholarship funds this spring and I’ll be fitting in two more mentorships before the end of the year. At the same time, I have been able to reinvest some of my income into boot and glue on shoe inventory. The scholarship has saved me from having to choose between growing my business and continuing my education and is helping me reach my goals as a business owner and hoof care practitioner much faster! Thank you, PHCP!”


Build Your Business

“Mentorships are affordable but traveling is expensive! Scholarship money made it possible for me to continue my education without breaking the bank in the early stages of building my now thriving business.”


Complete Your Certification

“What an honor it was to receive such a generous gift from the PHCP Scholarship Fund to help with my PHCP studies. I am eternally grateful.

The scholarship allowed me to complete the final stages of my PHCP certification, covering mentorships and travel. It also allowed me to take a number of online classes and attend clinics and conferences that I otherwise would have held back on or postponed. I have applied what I have learned to help so many equids and educate their humans on the best care possible. It is satisfying work that I am proud to be a part of. The education that I received under the scholarship has allowed me to create a successful business and career that I absolutely love.

I continue to “Pay it Forward” as I serve on the PCHP Board of Directors as the Director of Education, and help bring up more PHCP students, who in turn will better the lives of more horses. (And donkeys!)

Funds may be tight for PHCP students that are starting a business. It is a big undertaking to make the transition to self-employed and pay for the education to get you there. I encourage students that are serious about pursuing this career to apply for assistance from the Scholarship Fund.

I have such gratitude for those that have contributed to the Scholarship Fund. Their generous donations have created a big impact that continues.”


Starting Gate Scholarship

PHCP also offers a Starting Gate Scholarship, awarded to one beginner in our training program. Students at the beginning level must complete at least one mentorship or beginning clinic to be eligible.  A written recommendation from a PHCP Mentor, Clinician or Practitioner must accompany the application.

Intermediate Student Practitioners and Advanced Student Practitioners are eligible to apply for a scholarship on January 1. PHCP will send out an announcement when application access is available on the website.