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PHCP Mentor Spotlight – Christina Cline

Christina is a PHCP mentor and has been a member since 2008.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in hoof care

It was 2000 and I had a mare who went barefoot everywhere. During one trim the farrier told me that “her white line is stretching and we need to put shoes on her”.  I asked repeatedly what causes a white line to stretch and didn’t get an answer, so I started digging. In short, that led me to Jaime Jackson’s books and the AANHCP, where I enrolled in the trimming program. Been trimming full time ever since. (And no, my mare didn’t get shoes that day. Or ever).

What is your favorite thing about being part of PHCP

The camaraderie between students and instructors! PHCP seems to attract quality people who care about the horses, and care about the people too.

What are your interests besides all thing hooves

Horse packing, horse training, endurance racing, livestock guardian dogs, animal bodywork, gardening and food preservation, hiking, cross country and downhill skiing, backpacking, soccer and power knitting.

Tell us something people may not know about you

I co-authored a book with Susan Kauffmann. You may have heard of it?  The Essential Hoof Book.