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A Look at the 2019 Mentors Gathering in Cody, WY

PHCP had its first Mentor Training and Advancement Gathering in Cody, WY at the South Fork Mountain Retreat.

Kenny and Marie Daniels generously invited us to their gorgeous ranch and retreat outside of Yellowstone, where we were able to share our knowledge and ideas as a group. The group consisted of long time mentors, organization leaders, and prospective mentors who are the future of our organization.

PHCP mentors are the foundation of our Training Program. They have many years combined working and teaching in the hoof care industry. This idea to gather and share those teaching techniques with each other came out of a members meeting at our last conference.

This gathering also presented us with the opportunity to involve some of our practitioners who have a passion for teaching the barefoot and booted techniques, and are working to become PHCP mentors. They benefited from the knowledge and ideas of long time mentors as well as inspired us with new ideas and perspectives.

The weekend included round table discussions in the mornings on a wide variety of topics from preparing and planning the mentorship day to safety. New ideas to better support and help our members through the training program were also discussed and are now under development.

Afternoons were spent in the barn working on Marie’s critters. We went over teaching tips, had trimming discussions, and role played to practice our skills.

This event was not only educational, it was energizing and fun. I expect it to become a regular part of our program!