Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners

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These concentrated trace mineral/vitamin supplements are  formulated to balance the most common trace mineral deficiencies and are a convenient alternative to a custom mix.

This Australian company owned by Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed, an independent nutritionist, offers
Best Guess mineral mix designed for owners unable to test their hay and other nutrition products, as well as private consultation and education.

The home of K.I.S. Trace, is located in West Virginia and offers equine and ruminant mineral supplements for all your critters, using Zinpro Performance Minerals® in their products.

My Best Horse

Specialized equine supplements at affordable prices.


This is a great source for stabilized, ground flax seed, a variety of supplements, vitamins, minerals, and custom mixes are available.

Uckele Health and Nutrition

A source for buying a broad spectrum of supplements, vitamins, and minerals and custom mixes are available.

Omega Horseshine

A natural ground and stabilized flax seed supplement for horses to benefit skin, coat and joint health.