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Practitioner Tools and Hoof Products


A hoof stand is an important tool for fending off fatigue and saving your back when working on hooves. Hoofjack is the original of this design and comes in some fun colors! EasyCare dealers can purchase this from EasyCare at dealer prices.

Equithotics Inc

They make a great rasp handle. The unique design and material help improve your control. And the wild colors are fun too!

Badger Built

Well built farrier aprons with custom options.

Precision Pick

A hoof pick that doubles as a measurement tool. This will help you accurately measure and evaluate hoof structures as you develop your eye.

Bonsai Tools

These can be useful for cleaning up frog flaps are available at a variety of places.

Boggs Tool and File Sharpening Co

Get more mileage out of your rasps by sending them to Boggs for sharpening.

Lopez Farrier Tools

Lopez offers a full range of rebuild service. Lopez will rebuild most brand farrier tools. Custom work is also availble. Convert your Nippers into Nailcutters or 1/2 Rounds. Add or shorten length! Lopez Grips can also be added to any tool for comfort and ease. Contact

Mr. Mike’s Tool Repair

This gentleman rebuilds nippers, sharpens rasps and knives (including loop knives) and can make any custom modifications to farrier tools – and any other tools as a matter of fact. Contact

We recommend that if you have a farrier supply nearby, you patronize them whenever possible. There are many advantages to buying locally, i.e. immediate need of a product and handling the tool yourself. Equally important is the relationship you well may build will benefit both your businesses. If you need to order on-line here are some options for good tools and hoof products.

Pure Sole Hoof Products

Red Horse Products

Solid Rock Knives

Anvil Brand

Centaur Forge

Farriers Depot

MFC Horseshoeing Tools