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Hoof Protection

Scoot Boots

From the inventor of the Old Mac hoof boots a new boot has been developed. It is constructed of strong thermo plastic urethane with strap closures and no velcro or cables. It’s light, well ventilated, doesn’t hold water, and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

EasyCare Inc

With a wide variety of hoof boots for every type of riding and therapy, and a wide range of sizes as well as glue on boots and shoes. EasyCare’s Fill Your Truck program is a great way for qualified hoof care professional to start their business.


Shaped to fit the natural hoof and promote healthy hooves while allowing for expansion and contraction. Makers of the Simple Hoof Boot, known for easy application and great for mountain riding.

Renegade Hoof Boots

Designed for the high performance horse with naturally shaped hooves. The unique heel captivator design allows for natural flexion of the hoof and fetlock, and makes these easy to apply. These boots are popular with endurance and trail riders.

Equine Fusion

This super flexible jogging boot was developed in Norway. Dealers are available in the US & Canada as well.


Therapy boots great for laminitis and founder.


This casting material designed for use on the equine hoof supports and protects the whole hoof capsule to assist in the grow of stronger healthier hoof walls and soles.