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Forage Feeders

Nibble Nets

The generous square opening at the top of these webbing feeders make for easy loading of multiple flakes of hay at a time. They are built with high quality durable materials meant to last. There are over 20 styles to choose from and 3 different opening sizes for faster or slower eating, depending on your horses needs.

Busy Horse

These are another option for a webbing slow feeder. They come in several sizes with different hole opening options.

Hay Pillow

Designed as a slow feeder that can be fed on the ground, the hay pillow offers a variety of mesh openings and different designs. There is a standard and mini feeder for head down feeding off the ground. Hanging feeders and a manger feeder for your trailer are also optional.

Freedom Feeder

This slow feed hay net is an affordable way to give your horse free access to forage. Sizes range from a mini trailer net to a full hay bale size. This US based company will also make custom nets of any size to fit your needs.

Shires Greedy Feeder Slow Feed Hay Net

These small mesh hay feeders with 1” holes can be purchased in a large and small sizes at a super inexpensive price.

Hay Chix

These slow feeder hay nets offer sizes up to a full size round bale, useful for large herds, with 3 different opening sizes.