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Diet and Lifestyle

Nutrient Requirements of Horses

The sixth revised edition is available On-Line  or you can purchase the book.  It includes extensive tables covering daily nutritional requirement based upon; age, weight, type (stallion, pregnant/lactating mare, growing, working, adult), and activity level.  A detailed explanation of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, digestibility, feeding, management, and more.

Introduction to Horse Nutrition

Author: Zoe Davies
About: Easy to understand, covers the topics of; equine digestion, nutrition, energy, formulation, feeding different types of horses, diet related problems, with summary points at the end of every chapter.

Safer Grass

As a forage researcher, Kathryn Watts shares her knowledge of carbohydrates in forage and how they effect our equine friends today Laminitis prevention is her passion and through her articles she helps us to make intelligent decisions about the forage we feed our horses.

Horse Journal Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Eleanor Kellon, VMD has written an easy to understand nutrition text which covers the basics of horse nutrition along with topics like probiotics, feeding pregnant mares, seniors, the hoof, skin and coat supplements, immune-system support, weight gain, myths, herbs, and anti-inflammatories, to name just a few. Dr. Kellon gives the facts about many name brands and their ingredients, in easy to understand charts, so the reader can easily make comparisons.

The Horse’s Mouth

This on-line publication put out by Eleanor Kellon VMD is full of information on many subjects related to horse keeping. Subscribers may ask questions on the Horse’s Mouth forum and suggest topics for upcoming issues.

Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Hoof

This must own hoof care text book by Pete Ramey covers a variety of subjects affecting the health of the equine hoof. Chapters include Nutrition and the Hoof, and Hay Analysis by Eleanor Kellon VMD, Carbohydrates in Pasture Plants: A Moving Target by Kathryn Watts, and Equine Ulcers by Kerry Ridgeway DVM, to name just a few.

Paddock Paradise – A guide to Natural Horse Boarding

Jaime Jackson shows us how to create a stimulating environment to benefit the horse’s health, hoof, and well being, based upon the study of horses in the wild.