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What the Founder? webinar is back in November

Jeannean Mercuri, a Mentor and the Education Director for PHCP, will prepare you for your first, second, third, or any founder case you encounter in your practice. Wether you are just starting out or have some experience and would like more confidence attending to laminitis and founder cases, you should attend this webinar.

New Beginning Clinic location and dates

New dates have been added to the calendar for Beginning Trimming/Anatomy/Dissection and Hoof Protection clinics.

Jeannean will be making a special trip to Florida in January to teach the beginning clinics.

Paige Poss a PHCP Mentor, well know anatomy specialist, and co-owner of Anatomy of the Equine, has scheduled her beginning clinics followed by an advanced anatomy clinic, for February in Tucson, AZ.

These clinics fill the beginning clinic requirements for PHCP students.


  • 05 Nov 2020 - Webinar
    WTF? What the Founder Online  Info
  • 09 Jan 2021 - Beginning clinic
    Booting, Shoe Removal, Casting, & Power Tools Summerfield FL Info
  • 10 Jan 2021 - Beginning clinic
    Beginning Anatomy and Dissection Summerfield FL Info
  • 26 Feb 2021 - Beginning clinic
    Booting and Shoe Removal Tucson AZ Info