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Training in the time of COVID

PHCP Members,

We know this is a frustrating time for many of our PHCP students anxious to move forward with their training. Here are some options to consider.

The Forum

Our forum is a safe and friendly place to get help with specific cases and general information. We have a wide variety of talented members who will happily share their wisdom and ideas to support you in your journey. No mask required.


Many of our Mentors are still teaching mentorships at this time. Precautions will be needed such as riding in separate cars, masks, and keeping some distance. These may vary from Mentor to Mentor. If you are able to travel safely, please feel free to contact Mentors and see if they are teaching at this time. Be sure to discuss what measures you will both need to take in order to feel safe. If a Mentor is not comfortable with teaching at this time they will let you know. This is a personal choice for both student and Mentor, which is to be respected.

Need a Placement Mentorship to get started?  These can now be done through a special Placement Media Presentation. Contact Leslie Carrig  for details.

Virtual mini mentorships

Get connected with a Mentor virtually. These session won’t replace a mentorship requirement but may be just the thing to help you with a particular issue or case. They can be done on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or whatever platform works best for the Mentor and student. They are 1 to 2 hours long and we are offering them to members at no cost. Please contact Leslie Carrig for more details and to get connected with a Mentor who can work with you.


Jeannean Mercuri will be back this summer with her WTF? Founder and Laminitis webinar. WTF? (what the founder) is a beginner’s guide to attending your first founder case as a hoof care provider. Show up at your first (2nd, 3rd, or ….)  founder case with more confidence. Check the calendar for a date to be added soon.

IR/PPID: Diagnosis and Managment is on the schedule for September. Keep up with new knowledge on these subjects taught by Dr. Jaini Clougher of the ECIR group. Take advantage of the new reduced PHCP rates for all webinars.

PHCP logo T-shirt July Special

This sale will end soon, so get your order in and represent our organization.

Members TIP

Update your information and <new> check your annual dues automatic withdrawal date. Login to the PHCP website and click on your avatar. Don’t have a profile picture yet? You can add that here too.



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