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Happy New Year!

Many of us are taking stock of 2022 and setting resolutions and intentions for what 2023 will look like for us. Here is PHCP’s 2022 by the numbers.

  • 389 members!
  • 115 Denver conference attendees where we heard from a star studded line up of speakers, had meaningful conversations with each other about some big topics in our industry, met with the companies that we all rely on to keep our businesses going and had an all around great time being ‘back together again’!
  • 12 Thought provoking and educational webinars
  • 12 PHCP sponsored empowering in-person clinics
  • 11 monthly fun social zoom gatherings

PHCP’s resolutions are to continue to improve and offer more educational opportunities! Here are a few examples of updates for 2023.

NEW Education Scholarship

There will be the same scholarship opportunities for those who are in Independent Study or higher but also a new Starting Gate Scholarship will be awarded to ONE student who is at the Beginner level and meets certain requirements. Please visit the training page for more details on requirements and how to apply. Applications close February 28, 2023.

Enhanced Beginner Clinics

The beginning clinics series will now be offered as a 3 day clinic to make sure that clinicians are able to cover not just basic trimming and anatomy instruction, but dive deeper into dissections and offer more one-on-one trimming instructional time. This will be combined with the hoof protection class which most beginning students need as well and offered as 1 complete clinic.

More advanced anatomy offerings

We are offering several Advanced Anatomy in-person clinics in 2023! We recommend that students in levels IS and higher as well as our certified professionals look into attending these classes. Some will be paired with a 2 day glue-on clinic and some will be ‘stand alone’ classes to help meet everyone’s educational goals.

More glue-on clinic offerings

We are thrilled to be able to offer 2 glue-on clinics for 2023 and we want to make sure that those who are attending are ready to offer this advanced level of care. We are requiring that PHCP students have 2 of their IS mentorships completed before signing up for these clinics. We are encouraging only experienced non-members to sign up as well.

Prices for our in person clinics and webinars will be going up this year to meet the reality of severe inflation. I’m sure I don’t need to tell many of you, but the price of materials is up as much as 40% or more in some cases! We have not raised the prices of these clinics for many years and as I’m sure most of you are dealing with in your own businesses and lives, it’s time to face the fact that everything just costs more now.  Please visit the website for updated clinic and webinar pricing.

This is an ‘off’ year for our in person conference. Keep an eye out for details on the 2024 PHCP conference in Chicago, IL! For 2023, consider attending the ECIR conference which is always a great compliment to what PHCP has to offer.

Check the calendar often for the full line up of amazing webinars! We have at least 1 per month coming up for the next 6 months. All of our in-person clinics have been updated on the website so you can plan ahead! Get signed up ASAP, there are a limited number of slots at each event.

We look forward to what 2023 has in store for PHCP and its members! Please reach out if you have any feedback that might be helpful for the coming year.

Take care of yourself and happy trails!

Best Wishes, 

Christina Krueger (she/her)
PHCP President and Mentor


December 19, 2023 5:00 pm Mountain
Dr. Bowker on the Vasculature of the Equine Hoof Webinar / View details

January 10, 2024 5:00 pm Mountain
Dr. Bowker on the Unshod Hoof Webinar / View details

January 27, 2024 - January 29, 2024 9:00 am
Beginning clinic – Tennessee Hands-on / View details Bristol, TN

February 23, 2024 - February 25, 2024
Beginning clinic – Florida Hands-on / View details Spring Hill, FL