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Happy New Year!

This has been another year of positive growth and change for PHCP! We are welcoming new members daily and are so proud to see the progress that our students have made through the training program this year. In 2023 the growth in learning opportunities included the following:

  • 130+ mentorship days completed by our 14 mentors
  • 8 in person clinics hosted by 4 clinicians
  • 13 webinars on a wide range of topics

With growth comes change and more hours spent behind the scenes making sure that the program runs efficiently. PHCP is managed by a volunteer staff who spend hours organizing student files, scheduling educators, planning the social media calendar, hosting members only zoom meetings, organizing the conference, and much more. As an organization that strives to support its members, we are guided by your feedback on how we are doing. Please reach out if you have any thoughts on how we can better serve you in 2024.

Annual Dues Support the Organization

On January 1 annual membership dues will increase to $75 per year. The existing membership rate will go into effect on February 1. Memberships automatically renew on the day that you initially signed up, so this increase will happen at different times for everyone. You will receive an email prior to renewal with instructions on how to renew at the new rate. If you would like to renew ahead of time click here. In an effort to simplify the checkout process, we have updated our payment platform to Stripe rather than PayPal. If you have any questions or trouble with the purchasing process, please send an email to barefoot@progressivehoofcare.org.

Member dues help to make the following possible:

  • Biannual mentor training events that help mentors stay current and share ways to help our students
  • Scholarship opportunities for students who need financial support with their training
  • Outreach events that help to strengthen our presence in the wider hoof care community
  • Website upkeep and other business related expenses

Treasurer Position Open

We are always looking for fresh faces to become more involved with our volunteer run committees and to help with other aspects of PHCP. Currently, we are looking for a new treasurer to join the Board of Directors. If you have experience with financial management and want to donate your time to the organization, please reach out to me directly at president@progressivehoofcare.org. Board Members and Committee Chairs get free access to all PHCP webinars as compensation for their hard work.

We are Proud of This Community

Reflecting on 2023 each of us have made mistakes and learned from them, collecting experiences that help to shape us in our personal lives and as hoof care providers. We are incredibly proud of you as individuals and as a community that continues to set high standards of compassion, integrity and excellence in the natural hoof care community! I hope that you are able to reflect on your growth in 2023 and are proud of how far you have come.

Thank you for being a part of the PHCP community and Happy New Year!

Best Wishes, 

Christina Krueger (she/her)
PHCP President and Mentor


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