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Step 2

Step 2 – Beginning Clinics

There are three required clinics in step 2. These clinics may be taken in any order.

  1. Beginning trim, anatomy and dissection
  2. Hoof protection and shoe removal
  3. Introduction to Equine Diet and Lifestyle. This is an online course. Download the PowerPoint or PDF version.

All beginning clinics must be completed before entering Step 4 Independent Study. There will be an entrance exam to Independent Study on materials covered in the beginning clinics.

You may schedule 1 or 2 of your step 3 beginning mentorships before taking the beginning clinics.

Visit the calendar to view dates for upcoming clinics.

Ida Hammer’s Beginner Trim clinic and day 1 of her Hoof Protection class fill the beginning clinic requirements for PHCP students. Visit the Whole Horse Trimming website for her complete schedule.