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Dare to be Different Long Ear Hoof Care


Morris, NY (United States)

Serving NY.



Cayce Brockwell


Student Practitioner

I am a donkey hoof care specialist serving donkeys and mules in Central New York.
My journey started with a little foundered mini named Doris, who rules my heart. I learned early on that horses and donkeys are not at all alike. Donkeys are smart and for that reason they are labeled as “stubborn” or “asses”. But, I always tell my clients..”how would you feel if some stranger just walked up to you and grabbed your foot?” And “whoever said an elephant never forgets has never met a donkey”. For that reason I always do a meet and greet with my long ear friends before my gear ever comes out of the car. Most of the time, I can make quick friends and trim that day. Sometimes, it’s the next visit. I work on donkey time. I am also a huge advocate for donkeys in general and will help with diet and nutrition, lifestyle and advise on basic training. I love giving owners guidance and am always available to my clients for questions.