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Thorne Bottom Farm LLC



Lost River, WV (US)

Serving VA.


Patrice Sager


16 credits completed in 2022

After 20 years of practice I am not trimming for customers, I still mentor and I love to teach and I love to study nutrition for horses but hooves are my first love. 
I do continued education every day but try to attend clinics or conferences when time allows.
In 2018 I launched an equine and goat/cattle supplement company called Thorne Bottom Farm. Students can ask to join a private FB group called Thorne Bottom Farm Health and hoof for horse and goat. There you will find lots of educational information that can help you in your journey to learn.

I am best contacted by email.
I offer lodging and that will be an additional charge of $50.00 a night. Or there are air B&B’s and Lost River Grill and hotel, close by.
Come see me and we can have a great time learning.