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Moscow, ID (US)

Serving ID, WA.


(208) 882-8621

Karen Ward


Advanced Student Practitioner

Unfortunately for me and horse owners who need my services, I no longer trim professionally due to physical constraints. I’m able to consult, and help out someone interested in trimming their own horses. I’d love to be a casual, unofficial mentor if someone in my area wants to learn to trim, especially to trim professionally through PHCP. We need more good trimmers!

I am a native of southern Idaho and did time in California, Missouri, Wisconsin and Utah, in pursuit of college degrees and work as a Plant Disease Diagnostician. My husband and I finally landed on a small farm in northern Idaho and are still raising a family of two sons and a daughter. I’ve always had an aversion to horseshoes but saw them as a necessary evil until I was introduced to barefoot trimming in 2004. Due to living in places with no competent barefoot practitioners, I was forced to learn to trim for myself, the hard way, with my own horses as victims. They’re all still standing! I quit my job at Washington State University to study for certification with PHCP in early 2015 and I continue to learn amazing things. This path is easily as strenuous mentally as was my Master’s degree.